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Project Manager
The Norwegian Travel Workshop

Madeleine Christiansen has been employed in a 50% position from 23.8.21 to 11.10.21 when she switched to a 100% project position, 11.10.21 to 13.4.22. During this period she had project manager responsibility for the Norwegian Travel Workshop 2022.


This includes;

• Dialogue with all hotels before, during and after the event'

• Design and planning of all meals

• Design and content for 28 day-excursions in Agder

• Design and content for Visit Sørlandet's own events; Welcome dinner, Opening ceremony and Farewell dinner

• Design and content of all marketing material, welcome gifts etc.

• Communication and responsibility for subcontractors; hired help, guiding, volunteers, activities and transport etc.

• Communication with Innovation Norway's project manager

• Communication and agreements with Kristiansand municipality.

In addition, she has had various tasks related to marketing of the region, web, course calendar and otherwise production of digital content for the web and SoMe channels.


Madeleine is highly structured and conscientious, is  good-humored and has great work capacity.

We are very satisfied with Madeleine Christiansen's efforts and thank her for the efforts she made when Visit Sørlandet/Kristiansand was the host city for Visit Norway's 49th Norwegian Travel Workshop. We wish Madeleine the best of luck in the future.


Best regards,

Synnøve Elisabeth Aabrekk


Image by AARN GIRI

Product Manager
Bennett of Norway

Madeleine has had the position of Product Manager at Bennett of Norway, from Oct 1st 2017 to Dec 31st 2019. Employment was terminated when the company concluded to disband on the same date.


Her duties were shared between collecting and negotiating deals and agreements from a great of number of suppliers in Scandinavia, as well as producing quotes and offers to our customers in SE Asia, India, the Middle East and Italy.


Madeleine has maintained meticulously order and structure in shared files and documents, and she has proven very professional abilities in her negotiating skills with suppliers.


As to quoting offers to our customers she has demonstrated a deep understanding of the different cultures represented by various nationalities, giving them creative and professional offers meeting their expectations. This is based on a detailed knowledge of Scandinavian and in particular Norwegian destinations, and a very professional competence.


Communication with customers has been on various digital platforms, in English and Italian on a very professional written and vocal level.


Cooperating with Madeleine, has been a delightful experience every working day! She is immensely loyal, honest and accurate, combined with a delightful and pleasant personality.


I will be happy to elaborate and complement my recommendation of Madeleine to any future potential employer, please use the below contact details.


Kristiansand 15th  January 2020



Iver Holter-Andersen

Managing Director



Hyllebakken 35h

4622 Kristiansand


(+47) 40484962

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